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Thread: Global vs Regions?

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    Default Global vs Regions?

    Currently using P3d V4.5 in it's latest (and I suppose last, update!)...Just returning to it after several years and would like to begin updating scenery...Many of the sceneries on the Orbx site, both free and paid, say that the Global Base add-on is necessary while others say the same thing about Regions (PNW etc.)...Do I actually need both? Will there be a big difference with both and do they ever interfere with each other? At present, my installation is "virgin" with no addons and I intend to use only Orbx products...Any advice will be most welcome! Thank you.

    Steve in Kansas

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    Yes, both are necessary. Whether either is necessary FOR YOU is a question only youi can answer... Any addons will look Ca.r. p unless both are installed, but it will vary according to the Regions installed and the locations of the addon itself.

    My recommendation is to start with Base and add regions as needed/necessary.

    Oh and to assert the inaccuracy, P3d has already reached v5.2 with a Hotfix, so it definitely moved on past V4.5, even if you haven't...

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