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Thread: Backing Up X-Plane?

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    Default Backing Up X-Plane?

    Probably an elementary question but I wanted to be sure before I proceed...As best as I can tell, X-Plane 11 installs everything in one folder; No hidden files anywhere...So, if i want to do as complete backup or move the program to a new SSD, I could simply copy the original install directory to that location and it would work? Thanks for the advice to a new user!

    Steve in Kansas

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    I've done just what you are talking about. Only thing I had to do was enter my registration info on the new hard drive. Just keep in mind if you have any addons like ORBX that use their own UI and backup directory, you may have to reinstall them.

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    All - I did try to install XP-11 to C:/Windows/Programs and I got warning it does not like that location as errors occur. So, I took the default "desktop" I don't like that either. I could put it on a removeable drive, but not sure I like that any better. For now, default, but thinking I could put is someplace else.

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    I have mine on another internal drive, have you got room to add another drive in your PC?


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