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Thread: Thrustmaster t.Flight HOTAS 4 instability

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    I'm very sorry, b52bob. You were quite right, of course. The notation is not in the manual, but it is on the website, as noted by Andy. I had, in fact, downloaded the software and installed it when I initially got the joystick/throttle a year ago. Anyway, I have now gotten the verdict from Thrustmaster tech support today.
    1) It's a hardware issue; 2) the hardware is out of warranty; 3) they do not repair this hardware; 4) the only recourse would be to replace if under warranty (see 2) above); and 5) have a nice day. Anyway, thanks for your help. It is much appreciated.

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    Hello again.
    Just wondering if you could get hold of another joystick (any type)from a friend perhaps, just to see if it works correctly or not? If not then it points to some sort of pc hardware issue rather than the sticks being faulty.

    Cheers Andy

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    Good question. The reason I chose Thrustmaster was my experience with my Microsoft Thrustmaster joystick back before MS dropped it. I decided to replace it because it seemed to be inserting a slight roll to the right. Still, it works much better than the "new" HOTAS. As indicated, I have had little time for FS and had massive problems with FS2020, even with my new computer. I let the Thustmaster warranty expire, my mistake. Now that I know this is a electronic/mechanical issue with this particular unit, I'm wondering if it can actually be corrected. In the meantime, I'm going to buy a new joystick and throttle. I was hoping the get more information from Thrustmaster in regard to my initial complaint. It should be noted that their response did offer to provide information regarding their equipment. I would like to know if my experience is an isolated incident or if it is a design/manufacturing problem. At any rate, it has been a learning experience. Best to you and yours, m

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    As I said in my previous post, rather than spending more money on a new joystick ,if you could borrow one or even better two or more from friends or family perhaps, and see if they perform correctly ,if they do then it points to an issue with yourThrustmaster, if not then it does begin to look like a PC problem of some sort.

    Cheers Andy

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    Sorry to be late in replying. Been really busy. Unplugged the "new" Thrustmaster HOTAS 4 and plugged in my old Microsoft Thrustmaster Precision 2. Works fine with no artificial drift and no dither. It was the dither that really was hard to deal with. Just as a side note, I left the Thrustmaster software in place, and it works with the old joystick, allowing me to calibrate the old joystick. Also, the Properties feature shows the old joystick tracking perfectly. I do miss the throttle though, was thoroughly spoiled. Am now deciding on my next joystick/throttle and maybe pedals? Thanks for your help. m

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