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Thread: Update V Success Stories

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    I too am part of the silent majority of no major issues after updates. i dont run the game higher than my machine can handle and i keep windows updated and I absolutely love Randy's sarcasm..

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    I eventually had a major issue--sim crashing when I clicked "fly"--but after I'd had no problems for the better part of a week after the update. I don't know what set off the CTDs; I suspected that my preceding attempt to integrate Navigraph with the sim may have had something to do with that, though it also may have been purely coincidental. I went through two uninstalls/reinstalls, and since then no problems with getting to the runway and into the air. I previously ran the sim on medium settings because when I experimented with high settings I noticed an occasional stutter. But now I run on high settings all the time and it's very smooth. So I'll give kudos to Asobo for their performance improvements.
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