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Thread: Article: Just Flight Teases F-14 Tomcat For MSFS

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    Default Article: Just Flight Teases F-14 Tomcat For MSFS

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    It's looking surprisingly good relative to their previous F-15!

    I see pretty good 3D, decent texturing, and even over-sweep on the wings

    Tomcat's flight model is extremely difficult to reproduce (swing wings, super sonic, spoilers, tailerons, etc., etc.). Hope a lot of that comes through on this one!

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    What model Tomcat is this supposed to reflect in flight modeling? The original A, the modified A+/B models, or the last model update D? Besides avionics upgrades, there was a significant increase in thrust between those three variants as well. The A model "only" had 21,900lbs of wet thrust per side at sea level whereas the D had a whopping 28,300 per side in full burner. The A+/B model had 23,800lbs each. If you ever watched an original A or A+/B Tomcat takeoff demo vs. a D model, you know the difference in takeoff and flying performance. The D model was a real vertical beast in a demo.

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