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Thread: Monitor/TV how crucial?

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    Default Monitor/TV how crucial?

    I have been using a 55 inch Samsung Q90T OLED TV sim last August for the sim and have been fairly happy. Of course like others though the first thing I noticed after DLing SU 5 was the washed out new appearance of the sim. I have since been able to mitigate it using Nvidia freestyle but its still not quite the same.

    Kind of makes me wonder what ASOBO would recommend. You would think with the emphasis shifting to Xbox good appearance on a TV would have been there goal. At any rate switching to a monitor is probably not going to happen for me. Smallest I would go is 48 inches and 4k hdr is a must. At least we don't need high refresh rates for a flight sim.

    In a perfect world all of the possible choices would be lined up on a table running MSF so I could just point at the one I like and take it home but that's not likely to happen. Same go's for VR. If I could just find a place where I could go hands on with the various models so I could pick the one that looked best to me I would be far more likely to make the jump to VR. I guess that's one of the disadvantages of the demise of the brick and morter store.

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    I agree a list would be perfect. I have had the same question about tv vs monitors and really never got an answer on here. I happen to get a 65" curved Samsung tv from best buy 2 months ago real cheap because they are not really making the curved tvs anymore. (That was a flop of an idea lol) my monitor finally crapped out on me on a Sunday morning and I am so impatient that waiting a day or 2 if I ordered a new monitor on Amazon, would have killed me. I work so much that I really only have some of Sundays to play on the sim. So i grabbed the wife and ran to best buy . Plus only bought the curved tv instead of a monitor for my setup because I paid $300 for it compared to getting a 65 inch monitor. I regret that decision since the new update.
    But I also have a vr headset (oculus quest 2) and I absolutely love flying in the sim with it. It is very hard to go back to anything like a tv or monitor after using the vr headset. I love how much more I can look around and just see everything so much better. Not only the controls but I love looking around the whole plane and everywhere else . I think I night try an ir tracker headset next and see if that gives somewhat the same feel.
    So I guess I really did not answer your question and was probably no help lol. Sorry about that, but if you don't find thw answer about how to make the tv look better then I would try the vr set.
    Big draw back when using a vr headset is that I have to feel around like a blind man to use my controls. I have a pretty complete set up and sometimes trying to feel around for the trim or autopilot or even adjusting the autopilot can become frustrating.
    Well anyways. Good luck and if you find a good answer, please post back on this thread :-)

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    I fired up the sim after I posted and tweaked the Nvidia freestyle a bit more and I think I am pretty happy now. I kind of feel bad for the Xbox guys now. No amount of changing settings on just my tv made much difference to the washed out look. Hopefully it does for them on there brand of TV.

    Got to give credit to Nvidia on this one, freestyle kind of saved the game for me. Maybe they should send some people over to ASOBO to give them a hand. Kinda seems like they could use some guidance right now

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    Ah Carp!! I think I know the point of the new washed out appearance. After using freestyle to get the same look as before SU 5 the pop ins are really noticeable. I am not talking about when quickly switching views either. I flew a straight line from KVNC looking straight out the front and as I approached Sarasota the buildings trees everything were popping in terrible. Go back to the default washed out colors and much less noticeable.

    I sincerely hope this was a server anomaly and I have to come back here and eat my words

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    @nwanerka THAT is a mouth watering setup!!!
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    Thank you very much I've worked hard on this set up and have even improved on it since.. I save up little-by-little and by what I can per. That is many years of scrimping and saving But definitely worth it now. My next adventure has been VATSIM, Which I absolutely love. It's a little nerve racking when I'm getting an IFR clearance and have to repeat back all those directions breakfast. I don't understand how some guys remember all that and spit it right back out out I must be doing something wrong. But I will figure that out. Didn't quite understand why Microsoft made it so hard to find the download up for the new update yesterday. I had to do so many different things many different things I couldn't even repeat what I did to find it but luckily I did and it downloaded fast. Happy flying everybody hopefully one day will get an answer on TV or monitor and how to tweak them just right

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    " I think I night try an ir tracker headset next and see if that gives somewhat the same feel."

    I really enjoy the instinctive viewing capability of my IR unit without having to resort to Braille to use keyboard or mouse functions or more importantly drink a beverage - lol That said, true VR is doubtless more 'immersive'.
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