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    Default Done with Navigraph

    I cut short my experiment with Navigraph today after one or other of its plugins crashed MSFS. It might've been Navigraph's simlink plugin, which I signed into/activated/or whatever this afternoon. (I clicked on some proffered Navigraph link.) Anyway, I was in the midst of another attempt to fly from Watsonville to Sacramento, to shoot an ILS landing there using a flight plan I created in the World Map, when FS CTD'd. After that happened, I couldn't even launch the sim. So I deleted Navigraph and all its components from my PC, shut it down completely and booted it up again. After that, all was fine once more. MSFS launched as it should and I was able to fly again. To celebrate, I took a quick turn around the landing pattern at Watsonville in the G36.

    It's probable that I did something wrong with the plugin. But I'd rather just fly airplanes than spend hours trying to figure it out.
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    I mostly fly in the U.S/Canada which has good free charts. But I want to expand into Europe and South America more. Which, already have good free charts. Not all up to date no, but for offline flight simulation it doesn't really affect me that much.

    I downloaded the Navigraph app for Windows 10, and I am really tempted with how easy access it is to aerodrome and terminal charts. It also looks very good, is smooth, and straight forward. But I dont want to spend over $100 CAD for a year of FMS Data and Charts.

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