After updating toSU5, I lost throttle #1 in all aircraft and all throttle power in all single engine aircraft. Oddly, the only aircraft that was spared from this was the last aircraft I flew before updating to SU5. It was the B-747.( although, the B-747 now does not announce the V1 callout at 135Kts anymore ,it announces it after I've been in the air a couple of minutes.)

As far as throttle #1, I also see the throttle in the cockpit advance, but the power doesn't spool up. When I go to the the Controls section, everything also appears normal and all my Profiles are there and when I test them, they all work perfectly. I do notice, however, that in the B-787, the fuel cutoff switch is in the OFF position, as well as the start switch in the Overhead panel is stuck on 'Start' instead on 'Normal' for engine 1. No matter what I do, I cannot get it started.

I really wish that there's a way to fix this without having to reinstall the simulator because I have too many settings to customize and quite a few profiles that took a long time to create and perfect.

If this has happened to anyone and/or you have any ideas on how to solve it, I would really appreciate the input. Thanks!