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Thread: Logitech rudder pedals

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    Default Logitech rudder pedals

    Installed Logitech rudder pedals and found that if they are plugged in when I open FSX the opening screen shot of the cockpit is locked and I can't move around in the sim or make selections with the cursor. I have to unplug the power cord to reboot the computer. If, after rebooting, I unplug the rudder pedals, it locks up the computer, requiring another reboot by unplugging the power cord since I can't make any selections with the mouse. Any ideas?


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    Similar screen frozen when running FSX did happen to me long time ago. This was due to USB device assignment conflict after I installed new Saitek multi panel to my Windows 7 computer.
    The problem was corrected after I plug my Saitek yoke to another USB port and re-calibarte the Saitek yoke. You can google search how to solve the USB assignment problem. Hope this helps.

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