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Thread: This Update Has Been a Total Disaster!

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    This is what happen when you try to take a potentially decent computer flight simulator and make it also work as a arcade console game....who would of thunk it?

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    Some interesting (and possibly surprising) poll results from another forum

    Question: How is the U5 Update and hotfix behaving for you?
    Same as before, 5.3% (18)
    Better frame rate but worse graphics, 33.7% (114)
    Better frame rate and graphics fine after some tweaks, 42.6% (144)
    CTDs unusable, 11.2% (38)
    I am leaving for FSX, XP, or P3D, 5.92% (20)
    A bit worse LOD problems, 1.18% (4)
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    Cool I started this thread . . .

    . . . so I should finish my contributions.

    Good news: After 4 days of anxiety, I think I can say that the Hotfix worked for me! Since 07/30, I've had only one CTD (and there may be an explanation for that one). I've put many of my add-ons back in Community, a few at a time. These included Orbx's Brisbane Citypack, which I have just flown at low altitude. (The "Eye of Brisbane" revolves!)

    I have read a lot of posts in the past few days, and I feel for some of you who are back where I was before the Hotfix. It astonishes me that an update I conservatively described as a disaster (for me, anyway) could be so swiftly rehabilitated. I am not a programmer, but surely the infirmities in this update must have been known and anticipated before its improvident release. So kudos to Adobo et al. for cleaning up the mess! (But shame for making it in the first place.)

    Other notes:

    Going back to Main Menu takes a fraction of the time it used to (25 seconds this afternoon), and I believe the whole thing loads faster.

    The water effects are an order of magnitude better (thereby mooting several of my prior posts). In moderate winds, I can now see whitecaps below. Bravo!

    Too bad the date setting won’t go up – only down.

    Too bad placing the cursor on some instruments merely tells you what they are – which you knew, right? For instance: it used to be that placing the cursor on the mixture or prop pitch showed you the percentage. Alas, no more. Pity. But on the whole, I can sleep at night once more.

    Finally: After I reinstalled, I found an old note in my log book that contained graphics settings recommended on this forum. I had been using them happily since last September. No problem. But after the reinstall and Hotfix, I noticed that my graphics were much worse than they had been. Landscapes looked grainy, like old fast-speed 35mm film. Horizontal lines on buildings quivered. So I changed many of the recommended settings -- most importantly, I think, I put "V-Sync" back on, and I increased "Shadow Maps" from 768 to over a thousand. All good once again.

    Afterthought: Can someone refer me to a source that explains the graphics settings -- what they do, what changing them might entail, etc.? (Oh, and have I mentioned lately that there's no manual?)

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    Thank you, David. Helpful. I'll work on it.

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    Agree. Probably keeping it civil is a good idea. I have many questions for MSFS. I was hoping that they would have provided some representation at the FS convention in San Diego. (as of yet I have not seen Asobo on the list). I have some legit questions, like study level a/c support, AI liveries, expanded support for FS2 Crew and GSX and my biggest peeve underwater bridges and docks. I like it, but it just doesn't meet the level of maxed out that I am used too. I got this $2500 computer just for MSFS.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    I mean, I don't know what you guys are complaining about. I for one love my new retro neon theme landing light fluro livery.

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    The most important thing for a flight simulator is that it is stable, that you can plan for a 10hours flight and don't have to worry you'd had a program crash along the route. I could accept that scenery resolution suddenly dropped, that the warning lights stopped working etc as long as I was sure that the flight continued.

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