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Thread: Article: Review: - MV-22 Osprey XP11

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    Default Article: Review: - MV-22 Osprey XP11

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    Thanks for the review, this is the only Pizzagalli aircraft I don't yet own, and on my older computer no doubt it will run well.
    It sounds like a good challenge to fly, which is a good fun aspect in my opinion, and like you said, would be good fun trying to land it on the Nimitz.

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    Thank you for your review Stuart, I found it very informative. I often see these (hybrids) flying in our UK Skies over Lincolnshire usually transiting to and from the north of Great Britain as there are a number of CV - 22s based at RAF Milden Hall in Suffolk, I thank as part of the 7Th SOS (special operations squadron) and its various wings. I have the MV 22 Osprey from AOA simulations in my hanger already since its original release and this was updated to version 1.7 just prior to it being removed from sale following a disagreement in the development team of AOA With that said I do not see the need for me to have another version however I might just purchase this to see if this version has moved on from the version 1.7 that I have from AOA simulations. I also believe that AOA simulations are currently working on a totally new rebuild of the V22 Osprey. The Post on the AOA Simulations Facebook page of August 2nd, 2021 indicates that all their efforts are focused on the V-22, with lots of behind-the-scenes studying going on for example as to how the LTS menu works amongst other systems synominoiuse to this remarkable aircraft. AOA also indicated that work on their rendition of T-6B also continues to evolve on its side. From the various media posts, I have seen on their new model when AOA release their rebuilt rendition if it is as good and detailed as their posts illustrate then it will most likely be a high contender to be the "definitive V22"

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