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Thread: The 5 Minute Simulator!

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    Ever since the July 27-28 2021 Update, it seems like we've gone to a 5 minute sim that has great framerates and improved usability but...............It's only for 5 minutes and then the seemingly omnipresent CTD happens. I have gotten an error message after one CTD: The Instruction at 0x00007FF750711A15 referenced memory at 0x00000196F891D000. The memory could not be read. I have tried the usual attempts at fixing; emptying the Community folder, uninstalling Afterburner, etc. etc. but nothing works. I have now adjusted to this 5 minute problem by using some of my faster aircraft and used shorter routes. I am now used to flying my Supermarine Spitfire on a 22 mile route, sometimes maintaining more than 200 knots with the gear up until very short final, to a flapless plop onto the runway. I am lucky to exit the runway before I hear that telltale double sound-dropout and then I am looking at my desktop. Thanks, Asobo! I now appreciate MSFS more since I use it less.
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    I’m no expert but it sounds like the sim is trying to use more Ram than is available. I don’t know if this will help but you might want to take a look..

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    Thanks for the link but dude, even if I knew enough about tweaking the parameters I would still be worried about causing a potentially permanent blue screen of death. It's mostly gibberish to me. Many people have been reporting a running period of around 5-6 minutes before CTD anyway. It's not just me. Unless I can find a safe, step by step solution to fix the RAM situation, I'll just have to wait until Asobo takes pity on MSFS users who can't yet afford an fast CPU, a GPU that costs more than most PCs and loads of RAM. Or just give up and get FSX. At least with FSX there are huge choices of different planes and features to use. This has been going on for too long. I have used MSFS since FS4 and never have seen so many issues and glitches and headaches with a Sim. It's just silly now.
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    Hotfix coming tomorrow.

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