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Thread: Seaplane / Amphibian bases and facilities lacking in FSX outside North America

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    Default Seaplane / Amphibian bases and facilities lacking in FSX outside North America

    FSX needs to add seaplane bases in the UK, throughout the Baltic and along the Norwegian coast. Before returning to the UK I live a number of year in Canada. Loads of actual seaplane bases along all three coasts and inland waters, of which many are available in FSX.

    There use to be (real) bases in Scotland (Tobermoray and Oban) and there are actual seaplane base currently in Glasgow and Loch Lomond but FSX doesn't show them. I cannot find Scenery downloads anywhere for bases and facilities except for Canada, USA and the Caribbean, unfortunately. There are lots of places to land in the UK and Ireland but no docking facilities.

    Whether it's the J3 cub on floats, the Twin Otter (Viking) DHC-6 float plane, or the Empire Airways flying boats, who else shares the joy and skills required to fly seaplanes/amphibians?

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    All development on FSX itself has ceased many years ago. Your best bet is to find seaplane base add-ons, either here or elsewhere. ORBX has some that are even freeware.


    Edit: here is a place where you might be able to find freeware seaplane bases:
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    Just doing a Google search for "fsx seaplane bases" Came up with several addons and list of all seaplane bases in FSX.
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    Just stumbled on this, I used to have FSX on my PC and tickered with AI seaplanes, I made my own bases with AFCAD, at first they didn't work as they did in FS9.
    Then I added one from FS9 in to FSX and it worked, so then I made more using the same format I made them for FS9.
    Having said that these were for AI and not flyable aircraft.


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