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Thread: Backing up the FSX config files

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    Exclamation Backing up the FSX config files

    Following procedure allows to backup yr FSX config files (fsx.cfg - dll.xml - exe.xml) on a regular basis.

    Reason: in case of a mishap, sometimes the standard procedure is to "delete fsx.cfg and let the program rebuild a new one".
    Works in many cases, but also means you'll have to reconfigure lots of stuff.
    This approach is to replace fsx.cfg with the "last known working version".

    In the folder containing fsx.cfg, create a batch file SaveFSX.bat.
    On Windows 10 that folder is C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX
    Copy/paste the following lines:

    echo Backup FSX system data...
    copy fsx.cfg fsx.cfg_%date:~-4,4%%date:~-7,2%%date:~-10,2%.bak
    copy dll.xml dll.xml_%date:~-4,4%%date:~-7,2%%date:~-10,2%.bak
    copy exe.xml exe.xml_%date:~-4,4%%date:~-7,2%%date:~-10,2%.bak
    Rightclick the file, and add a shortcut to desktop.

    When clicking the shortcut, following files will be created:

    Some may already have noticed the creation date _YYYYMMDD is added to the file name, the others have learned it by reading this line.


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    I just did what you suggested. Thanks for the education and peace of mind as well.

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    Some new issues arising and every time the .cfg file is changed and has a .txt version next to it in the "FSX" folder. Problem is the sim will load the default powered hang glider practically anywhere but any add-on aircraft will cause the old problem to surface again, and we get the error box and then the restart box. I replaced the bad .cfg file with the standby .cfg file you described below and which I keep in a secure location. Worked every time.

    Just for fun I ran a "properties" check on the FSX folder with all aircraft and helicopters enclosed and set up. Total size is 545GB. The "rotorcraft" folder alone comprises 58.7GB. Based on something I read a few years ago on this site, I just turned the "aircraft" and "rotorcraft" folders into "aircraft hangar" and "rotorcraft hangar"; next stop was to add back empty folders called "aircraft" and "rotorcraft," then put one or two default aircraft/helos in them to act as placeholders. Since the most aircraft you can fly in the sim at one time is 1, I now just copy the complete aircraft file out of the "hangar" folder, paste it into the "aircraft"/"rotorcraft" folder - and so far things seem to be working well. No waiting time prior to flying, and the flying seems to be smooth. When through flying, just delete the aircraft moved over after shutting down the sim. Only other thing I can think of is to subdivide this sim into "FSX prop" and "FSX helo" sims.
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    Now have a bugbear having to do with scenery - sim will now load only that for the default flight in Washington State - any attempt to move to another scenery, even if I have started a flight using a default aircraft, ends w/the sim showing the two error/restart boxes, at which time I have to shut the thing down. I thought paring down the number of aircraft it would have to load from dozens to maybe two or three would have helped this thing but it's not to be, apparently. I don't have this problem with other iterations of the same sim on this computer. What is the file that tells the sim where to transport the aircraft once you choose a new airport? I'm wondering if the one in the "FSX Prop" installation is just tired or worn out but I don't have any ideas about a fix for this.

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    Batch files are great for lots of tasks, and can be fired off from Task Manager on timed intervals. Also, you can convert a batch file to an executable (.exe).

    I'd like to mention a software that I use that performs one of many iterations of my backup needs. It's called FreeFileSync. It might not be very intuitive to those that are not very well versed in computers and what not, but if you're willing to read the manual and figure out things it's great. You can also have the aforementioned Task Manger fire of the backup from the FreeFileSync file. Or, I've used something since my XP days called StartupCPL. If you install StartupCPL it'll be in the Windows Control Panel.

    For those interested in batch file commands, this is a great resource:
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