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Thread: Hello Boys, I'm back!

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    Default Hello Boys, I'm back!


    returning to flightsim after quite a few years gap since PrePar3D and FSX.

    My system is VFR ready PC i7 with a Nvidia 1070 GFX which can run a Occulus Rift easily.

    Three newbie questions;

    1) What version of MSFS2020 should I buy?
    2) Is my GFX sufficient?
    3) Suggestions on a nice GA aircraft, possibly vintage, with nice flight characteristics?

    Happy days,


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    How many cores on the processor? What model Processor? Overclockable? Not overclockable? How many GB on your 1070? Those need to be answered before we can answer yours. Thanks.

    Oh, and welcome back!

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    Hi Ted, welcome back! I think you meant VR ready? Lol

    There are a few videos on YouTube showing the new sim working with a GTX 1070, like this one.. should give you an idea of what to expect.

    You haven’t said which i7 you’ve got though.. or how much Ram?
    I presume you’re runningWindows 10? If not, you will need it.. but you can download it for free nowadays.

    As for which version.. I went for the premium deluxe edition from the MS Store. Obviously the standard is much cheaper, but should you decided you want to upgrade it later.. you will end up paying nearly the same amount again.

    If you want to try out MSFS before buying it.. you can sign up for an Xbox game pass (on your pc)
    This will cost you just £1 / $1 for a month. It’ll give you the standard version for a month, but just remember to cancel the game pass before the trial is up.

    One thing to note of course.. there is a big performance update in a few days
    So however it runs now... it might run even better very soon!

    Edit: Cheers Johnny, you beat me too it LOL

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    Nice! I assume you're a vfr flyer, since you seem to be interested in the topic? I ask, because the tubes seem to require more computational horsepower.

    Also, what's your expectation? 60FPS in new York? Not gonna happen. But cruising low over the prairies in a cub at 40-50fps? You're probably good.

    For what it's worth, I fly GA and usually avoid large cities like NY, London, etc. In my case, with my pedestrian 970, I get about 30 to 37 fps with most settings on medium to high. I use an ultrawide, but 1080p, monitor (so more pixels than a standard 1080). Since I'm heavily gpu bound, overlooking helps a lot (the 970 over clocks very well - just about the only thing it does well, actually). You can look into it if you need to.

    I went for the deluxe, because I wanted a steam gauge 172 and Cape Town Intl. I'm quite happy with my choice. I hear a lot of complaining about the 787 in the premium deluxe... Unless you want the most expensive one just because, carefully consider what you'll actually use and choose accordingly. The fancy versions can get quite expensive...

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