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Thread: Where to get static airplanes?

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    So I've been installing quite a bit of (freeware) scenery the past few days, mostly by Ray Smith. And I'm a pretty big fan of his work so far, but in the screenshots, there are some airplanes parked at the gates, liveries, and everything. And they don't come with the download nor are they in the default library objects in fsx.

    Therefore, I'm looking for static airplanes to park around various airports in ADE. But I've been searching the web quite extensively and cannot find anything. And the threads I've looked into are pretty old and most links are outdated.

    I have tried converters (SAMM and ModelConverterX) to convert flyable airplanes into BGL's, but the textures don't appear in the sim and the aircraft are completely matt black.

    So is there anywhere I can get a pack or packs of static airplanes? (And they have to be freeware).


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    Not precisely static, but they may be actual AI aircraft. If so, the best source for FSX is WoAI.
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    There's a lot of static scenery (much of it including aircraft) right here on You could also search the file library here choosing FSX and searching for the keywords "static aircraft" (without the quote signs). Also a search under FSX Scenery Objects might turn up something for you.

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