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    I have a Weird pilot avatar on Pitts Special--and I end up in his head looking out through wobbly goggles and eyebrows, I want to remove him. I am trying to remember how to remove avatars from individual planes--as the Pitts Special now puts me in the middle of weirdness and it is most distracting to fly the plane. I would like to remove the avatar from this particular plane. I cannot remember the process and file to alter. I would rather have no avatar and just look at the panel. I am aware you can move forward a long way and get in front of him but then the pilots view is not realistic for the panel. Does anyone have the programming alterations on the relevant files.??

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    In the Pitts Special aircraft.cfg, either delete this section:

    pilot = "Pilot_Female_Casual"
    copilot = "Pilot_Male_Casual"
    instructor = "Pilot_Male_Casual"
    pilot_default_animation = "Idle1_PosePropeller"
    copilot_default_animation = "Idle2_PosePropeller"
    pilot_attach_node = "PILOT_0"
    copilot_attach_node = "PILOT_1"

    or comment it out like this:

    ;pilot = "Pilot_Female_Casual"
    ;copilot = "Pilot_Male_Casual"
    ;instructor = "Pilot_Male_Casual"
    ;pilot_default_animation = "Idle1_PosePropeller"
    ;copilot_default_animation = "Idle2_PosePropeller"
    ;pilot_attach_node = "PILOT_0"
    ;copilot_attach_node = "PILOT_1"

    Back up the original file first!
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    Thank you so much Tim, You have bailed me out before --used to holiday in Yorkshire as a teenager with my family, in the region of Clapham Village. John

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