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Thread: Windows 10 Model Viewer to view MSFS models?

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    Default Windows 10 Model Viewer to view MSFS models?

    Newbie question: Looking for an app to rotate and view 3D models, e.g. I'm doing a painting of several historic CAP aircraft and trying to get them into matching perspective and lighting; thought this might be a way to approach one at a time. Using Windows 10; referenced S-39B model is FS2000. Thanks for any help!

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    Default rotate models

    Well you can download model(s) and install in Flight Sim(s). Then you can then examine the model in sim. You can lift off ground with slew, then use keyboard/joy to view from all angles. Models by different modeler will be of different size/proportions, for your info. Files from FS2000, FS2002, FS2004, and even FSX can be loaded (but not 'flown') to look/compare. You can then do a 'print screen' to get you picture of each. Good luck.

    You can find a lot of material (ie: S39b) if you search the different flt sim sites (FltSim, Avsim, Simviation, etc - you might have to register). Google to find the other places and souces.

    Here is one file (here at FltSim) to get you started:, 3 mb, 3-14-2004. See the 'Readme' for info.
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    Thanks much Chuck, I will give it a try! I do have FS2004 and FSX installed and not familiar with the Slew control, but will take a look at Google and YouTube. Appreciate the help!

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