Ever since I ditched steam, and I'm so glad I did, the servers at FS Open are really easy to join. Therefore, I've picked the UK server to host the moving carrier, 20kts., or whatever. AI Carriers 2 are static and don't move. I've picked a location just southwest of Filton EGTG, and next to the TAMEL int. which is out in the water. I can start the carrier there, which I think is a good loc. I was on there all night long with no lag. If you want to launch, I use RCBCO-30 which you can get to simulate the catapult. Otherwise, the arrcab works no matter what carrier landable plane you have. You'll need the ike/nimitz package version 2 which is available here. The one that's about 87Mb download. No need for steam or getting vatsim rules in the way on this deal. I'll pilot the ship, you land, or whoever wants to pilot the ship and air boss. Deck camera view on board.