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Thread: How Do I Get Marketplace and Live WX Back?

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    Default How Do I Get Marketplace and Live WX Back?

    When I loaded MSFS on my computer this morning I found that Marketplace and Live WX were greyed-out and unavailable. An error message told me MSFS wasn't connected to the web...

    In checking around the program, however, I was still able to connect to a number of MSFS-offered links, such as Twitter, YouTube, etc. without any problem. They were available on the web, but not Marketplace and Live WX...And, for the record, I was already working sites on the web, before I loaded MSFS...

    Has anyone else had this problem? And, how do I get these programs back?...

    I hope someone can suggest a way to make them available again...Any help is much appreciated...

    Lee Graves

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    Have you checked General Options/Data to see that you've got the "Data Connection" items set to ON?

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    Thanks Cavulife--That was the problem...I don't how it happened, but Data option was "Off." I switched it to "On" and all is good again...

    Love the Forum...

    Lee Graves

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