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    When I fly some airplanes, in some areas, there are blocks in the sky. I assume these are poorly rendered clouds. What do I need to fix this? For example, here I am approaching the Grand Canyon from the west, in a Carenado C210. Some clouds are OK, some are blocks.
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    Computer specs?

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    This could be one of many things do you have any cloud enhancements installed, does it only happen with certain weather themes, is it the same in cockpit or spot view, are you running X or Steam ?

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    Default Many things

    No enhancements. No add-on scenery. Weather theme is "Fair Weather". Same with cockpit or spot view. FSX Gold.

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    I'm seriously looking at your your pc spec, if it was a BMP issue then the clouds would be different, try installing Advanced System Care Free and using a free game booster. Now is not a good time to upgrade as there is a world wide shortage of computer parts with many been unavailable for a long time now, gamer's are paying silly money for quite low spec parts.

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