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Thread: Good STOL Cargo Aircraft

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    Default Good STOL Cargo Aircraft

    Hey all,

    I have been rececently looking for a freeware STOL aircraft that has a rear loading door like a C-130, good flight mechanics and a detailed VC. Haven't had any luck finding an aircraft like this with a detailed VC. Do any of you guys have something along these lines?

    Happy Trails,

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    Have you trawled through the a/c at Nice C119 there and C123
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    Except for the rear loading ramp, maybe the Dash-7 from Milton Shupe fills your needs.
    Best regards,
    Luis Hern√°ndez

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    I have that aircraft in my fleet. it fly's super nice. just wish it had a rear cargo door option like the c-5 or the c-17

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