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Thread: Old BNA Blurry Issue

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    Default Old BNA Blurry Issue

    This is an old persistent issue so I thought I would see if anybody else has experienced it and have found a solution for it.

    A section of the BNA terminal where Gate C11 is located always loads blurry. The rest of the airport is fine. No problems with ground textures, other buildings or other parts of the terminal. It will clear up within a few seconds or immediately if I switch views or pan around the airport. The texture in DXTBmp, (t1a.bmp) shows mipmaps are included similarly to all other textures.

    Any ideas on correcting this blurry section appreciated.

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    If you would tell us what "BNA" is and/or, if you would give us a download file name, maybe someone could help you.


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    Some models will have incorrect texture size assignments, which results in that texture being blurry. This is a MakeMDL bug. You can correct it using ModelConverterX and MDLTweaker, from FSDeveloper, if the terminal is in a true library BGL file.

    0. Back up the library BGL file containing the terminal to another folder, or rename a copy so it doesn't end in .BGL (i.e. .BGL.BAK).
    1. Import the BGL file containing the terminal in ModelConverterx, and use the Material Editor button to find the texture covering the blurry area.
    2. Use Export Object with the terminal displayed and save it as an FS2004 MDL file.
    3. Open MDL Tweaker and open the MDL file.
    4. Click the black T button on the right, and click Check Texture Sizes.
    5. Go through the list and if any texture (especially the texture we found in step 1) has a Texture Size of 1.00, change that to something higher (comparing to the LM texture if present is helpful).
    6. Press the Update Texture button after each edit. Press the red X to close when done.
    7. Save the MDL file with the same name (overwrite).
    8. Back in ModelConverterX, press the Scenery Objects Editor button and find the terminal object in the list.
    9. Press Replace Object, and browse to our edited MDL file. OK.
    10. Use Export Scenery to save our new library to the same BGL file name (overwrite).
    11. Start FS and see if the terminal is now sharp. If not, revert to your backup file.

    Another thing you can do is remove the mipmaps from that texture, which might solve the blurries but can cause glittering in some cases.
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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    Thanks, Hans. I should have proof read the message before posting it. Scenery is the Mach-1 Design Group's KBNA scenery and it happens with their original textures as well as with Michael Lehkamp's reworked textures he uploaded early last year.

    Tom, many thanks for those instructions! I've tried removing the mips but it didn't help so I'll see if the texture size is causing it.


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    I downloaded and test-installed both found versions of Match-1 Design Group's KBNA on this site but apart from them both looking very barren and dead, I found no blurries anywhere.

    I'm therefore sorry for not being able to help you any further.

    Good luck.


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