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Thread: Airbus A380 - Wish this had a drop down platform!

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    Default Airbus A380 - Wish this had a drop down platform!

    I could take my little Honda Accord along on the trip!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's a huge one for sure Rick. I wonder if they will ever make a cargo version of the A-380?

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    Production of the passenger version has ended and the way covid has affected the travel industry, I would think that demand for such large airliners will be low, so there will be quite a few A380's surplus to requirements coming on the market, so a freighter conversion looks like a good possibility.

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    Great shot! Looking forward to the FBW A380 for MSFS.
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    Egads! That would make that aircraft a very expensive toy-hauler!
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    I converted one for cargo use a while ago just for fun, it was in FSX though and I only use FS2004 now.

    I may try to convert one for FS2004, as most of you know I like fictional stuff mostly.


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