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    I spent a year wondering if I really wanted this new Flight Simulator.
    I had a run of the mill computer and was pretty sure that I would need a new and better one.
    I think I paid 6 or 7 hundred dollars for it.
    It ran FS10 just fine as long as I did not max out all the options.
    I understood the program good enough.
    One day back in March lady Luck came my way.
    That day I looked at my Bank account and, WHAMO, $1,400.00 just appeared in my account.
    I thought OK, I can get a pretty good computer for $1,400.
    One problem solved.
    The next problem was to figured out which of the 3 FS options to buy.
    At first I picked The standard option, I could upgrade later.
    IN FS 10 I flew the Baron 58 on over 90 percent of my flights.
    I love that plane.
    It has good flying characteristics and I could put it down on the runway at any point I wanted.
    If I was to buy the new FS it would have to include the Baron.
    I made that a deal breaker.
    I found out that the Baron is only in the upgrade.
    OK, I will skip the PREMIUM and go with the PREMIUM DELUXE.
    I am OLD SCHOOL. I want the disk version.
    All my problems are solved,
    The new computer has arrived and FS is ordered.
    First BUMMER.
    After I ordered the disk version I found out the order will come from the UK in 4 weeks. (it took 3 weeks)
    Second BUMMER.
    After several hours, the program got loaded and I put all the disks back in their fine looking box and I fired it up.
    As soon as clicked on the icon, a message came on screen and said
    …............INSERT DISK ONE.
    I thought that kind of crap went away last century.
    I put up with that BS for 3 weeks.
    My mind was getting dizzy with anger.
    I ripped that G D program out of my computer, clicked on the Microsoft Store and downloaded the standard version of MSFS despite the fact that the standard version does not have my beloved BARON 58.
    One sweet thing came out of this mess.
    When I removed the disk version all of the airplanes somehow did not get removed. I still have all 30 which include the BARON.

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    Perhaps the license for the disk remains on your computer allowing for the download Premium Deluxe.

    Check the version numbers for the aircraft in Content and see if they change to later versions when updating.

    I ordered the Premium Deluxe disk set myself when it first became available. The shipping date came and went, so I cancelled it and got my money back.

    I bought the Premium Deluxe download and installed that.

    The disk version later arrived on my doorstep and so far have not even opened it, so I got a two for one deal
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    Well, I'm fat and happy with the way things are now.
    I don't want to rock that boat too much.
    No telling what will happen.
    My plan was to upgrade if I felt the need.
    With those 6 free uploads and what ever is coming down the road
    plus my extra airplanes I think it would be pointless.
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