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Thread: Looking For An LNAV Key

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    Default Looking For An LNAV Key

    While climbing out on takeoff in the B787, I would very much like to hit a key that would activate LNAV, instead of having to change screens to the cockpit view and click it on manually. Call it lazy, but its nice to make those takeoffs smooth and efficient and all on the same screen...I haven't found an LNAV option on Keyboard Control, but I'm wondering if there a way to assign a key to LNAV that I have missed. Does anyone know of a way to do this?...Thanks in advance for any suggestions...

    Lee Graves

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    The nearest I can find is: "Toggle Autopilot Localizer Hold" (which does the the same job as LNAV when in FMS mode) key command Ctrl+O.
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    Thanks Tim--The Ctr+O seems to help the plane ease into auto pilot mode, after it attains some altitude. I'll keep experimenting to try and find the best sequence of events...Got any other suggestions to make takeoffs smoother?...Thanks, again...

    Lee Graves

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