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Thread: Slew into london

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    Default Slew into london

    OK, I decided to buy that AMPHIBIOUS UTRALIGHT FLYING AIRCRAFT from the Marketplace at $9.49.
    It would not be a huge lost if I hated it.
    My first test flight was at London.
    I took off from Heathrow and as I started to climb the plane started to bounce up and down like a roller coaster.
    I thought, here we go again, another problem that I don't need.
    I eased up on the control stick and fiddled around with the trim.
    Soon I had every thing under control.
    The plane was flying just fine.
    I didn't realize just how far from town the airport was.
    At these low speeds it will take for ever to get to the middle of town.
    Thank you SLEW function.
    I followed the river going to each POI until I got to the other side of town.
    The slow speed of that little plane made it possible to take in the sites without just speeding by.
    Even the Piper Cub could not do the job as well.
    I was pleased.

    By the way, I prefer to call the SLEW function " WARP DRIVE"
    PS. I was surprised to find out that the thing had trim control.
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    Hi Glen, with hindsight.. maybe starting at London City Airport (EGLC) might have been a better choice.
    I've never used Slew in this sim yet, but I have done in previous versions.

    If you've already bought the amphibious ultralight, I probably wouldn't bother getting the Aerolite 103 - it's good but if you want a slow aircraft with good visibility, go for the Edgley Optica EA7 which is another excellent plane.

    you can see both aircraft here.. (taking off from London City)

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    I myself start at London City, take a tour of the sites along the Thames, then head out to Heathrow.

    Edit-this caused me to take that flight and it was fun!!! Put the sim on pause while I was airborne, flew around with the drone, had a blast sight seeing from the air!
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