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    Great no problem Glen.
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy see the sights even more now. So many buildings.. bridges....etc are included now.

    One more thing.. I can’t remember if you have to reboot MSFS before you get to see the updated stuff. I think you probably have to.

    Happy flying.

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    This is going to be great.
    I am going to have to take back so many things that I have said when I should have kept
    my mouth shut until I have all the facts.
    I have learned a good lesson today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by plainsman View Post
    As others have noted repeatedly, addons can be used without problems if you use them carefully and correctly. If you only install reliable addons to the community folder only, you are ok, BUT don't trust some installer from a forum in Belarus to put everything in the correct folder.
    Since almost all 3rd party addons are, in fact, made for placement in Community, I would say this argument is over. I will be sure to avoid installers from forums in Belarus (whatever that may mean).

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    That is an oblique reference to unreliable or untested websites which might have files with nefarious installers or addons by people that may not know enough to execute them properly. I never intended this as an argument about addons in general. I will PM you to explain further..
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    Your earlier posts seemed to convey a very different message, but I am glad we appear to be on the same page now -- at least I hope so. In regard to "nefarious installers", I have over 800 addons in MSFS, acquired over the last 8 months, and never once have encountered one. If they exist, they are insignificant in the overall picture. Since practically all addons are installed in Community, where they are harmless even if they are faulty (which is rare), there is just no problem here. Most 3rd party addons are excellent and are the result of hard work by the designers. I heartily recommend you check them out, as they add tremendously to the enjoyment of MSFS. For starters, check out the website, a fabulous resource.

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