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Thread: Saturation & Hardly Any!

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    Default Saturation & Hardly Any!

    Wow! the availability of "Airports" is at a saturation point! 3 or four per day! from all quarters. I ask? who is going to buy all of them?
    and who is ready to spend such high prices for them?...

    And, hardly any Aircraft!...I am tired of flying the MSFS planes , which for the most part, fly so bad! and sound horrible!...this is one
    Item I miss from FSX and P3D, most of the X-plane ones are really "caricatures" and the good ones are priced for the Elites!

    So, that's that from here.... have a good day!

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    I've flown Sims for many years now and as I have flown real world I can say the settings are all available out of the box to refine the flight controls and sensitivities. I for one have modified mine to reflect what my experience is with flying Grumman AA1C, C152, C172, C182. All of which have significant differences, all of which can be replicated with the available settings. Problem is that not everyone knows the feeling and concludes the sim flight modeling is crap, but it is not. Most people probably just want the settings out of the box without changing anything which is fair enough for those just wanting to jump in and fly.

    I agree that planes are not being released as fast as airports but that just goes to show the complications between scenery development and aircraft development.

    There are many good physics improvements available from If you decide to wait for study level aircraft you'll be waiting for a long time as there is far more overhead in designing aircraft, than scenery.

    I hope you find your happy place in MSFS and get what you want out of it.

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