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Thread: Alternative Flight Sims

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    My grandparents were born in the 1800s.
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    One of my grandfathers just made it, born in 1899 and five years after my house was built. I'm not sure what he did during the great war but he told me once of being flown over Basingstoke in a biplane by one of his friends in the Royal Flying Corps.

    I imagine it was quite a 'compact' experience. I don't think he ever flew again...

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    funny people here.

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    Weighing in from Oz having had a glass of red wine, and gleaning that this thread seems to be morphing into a flame war, here is my five cents worth! Doesn't matter what sim you use. There are very good alternatives to Microsoft products or derivatives: try X-plane and Flightgear. Also, one doesn't need to be stuck with Microsoft Windows operating systems, opensource software is very viable e.g. Linux including Ubuntu platforms. Lots of choice out there. Just experiment with stuff and see how you go. Of course as we all know, that can be the biggest time waster, along with the simming hobby itself, just ask my wife! ("Darling, why haven't you done anything in the last month fixing the house, its falling down?" "Yes dear, I know, but I have very important things to do right now, I'll fix the house next weekend" (not!)
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