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    To anyone with knowledge about this topic.

    This subject is all new to me but I have an idea I would like to try if it is within my abilities and time frame is not too long.
    The idea is VTOL for x plane 11 and the year 2021 If possible and practical I saw a drawing or rather a concept of this type of craft on the internet no dimensions listed just an artist sketch. Is it possible to copy the drawing into a modeling software app, have the modeling software display this sketch and use it as a guide to begin your model and can this be done with freeware.

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    Blender. You can load the sketch as a background and model from it as a reference. It works best if you have multiple views of the object you are modeling, but you can still do it from 1 view, just takes some guessing and assuming.

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    I think blender is the go to software for the creation of model creation for XP. As far as I am aware the following might be useful for the importation of an image into blender.

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