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Thread: Sad goodbye to my FSX friends

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    Default Sad goodbye to my FSX friends

    Its been a long time since I last posted on the FSX forum. Since selling my Cessna 150 n150ew about 10 years ago after accumulating about 800 hours of real flight time. I retired from active flying and have been flying MSFSX ever since . Its the closest a pilot can come to the challenge of real flight ( other than perhaps MSFS 2020 ) I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in realistic pilot training. Unfortunately my computer crashed and I was forced to reinstall windows 10 from the cloud. In the process MSFS was uninstalled . When I attempted to reinstall my original Disk 1 and Disk 2 disk #2 failed to download and everything I tried failed. As a matter of fact I cant even uninstall what files I did download because that fails as well.!
    Now I'm not a computer geek ( I mean that in a good way) and at 78 yo I never will be I have done a lot of searching for solutions but I find the solutions that people in various forums have generously offered to others with similar( but not identical ) problems far exceed my ability. All of them by the way were just helpful " possible solutions". It appears as though once you uninstall FSX various factors make it almost impossible for the average computer user like myself to successfully reinstall it.
    I had pretty much limited my flying to single and dual engine planes that I had flown or co piloted in real life . Sadly I was on a long around the world northern hemisphere flight in the beech King Air 300 when my computer crashed . I had made it as far as Nagasaki Japan and was using google earth to find suitable runways to land in Russia and hopefully have the range to make the hop across the straits to Alaska then back down the States and then to KLEW Maine where I started and my home field .
    The complexity involved with trying steam addition ( especially when I cant even remove old files to have a clean slate ) pretty much eliminates any further flying for me . Got to find some young aviation enthusiast locally who could use a Saitec yoke , rudder pedals and throttle control I guess
    So to those of you who some 10 years ago were generous with your help when I first started using FSX thank you and happy flying


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    Any thoughts of buying FSX-SE (Steam Edition) when on sale for $5 or so? No discs to worry about and all of your aircraft and scenery should work!
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    I have the answer you are looking for it's called "G Disk" which will clear all data for from your hard drive including Microsoft's hidden folder which formatting wont get rid of, it contains all the validation info of all MS software legal and other wise. If you have the same hardware configuration then validating win 10 should not be a problem, the G Disk program was a MS developed program, but is hard to come by now as MS removed all copy from the net, there is a very easy and simple work around, you will need to email me as MS would not be to happy about it

    Mail : [email protected]

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    Default Sad goodbye post

    Take a look at my recent post on the forum . Turns out I have a new lease on life with FSX Excuse the rather lengthy explanation .
    I gave the steam addition serious thought and even downloaded the site. It must be my age but I found that site so dammed confusing to use I gave up on it and focused on just trying to get the disk 1 & 2 from the DVD installed. Once I was able to put in the Product Keycode successfully ( wish I knew exactly what I did to have it suddenly pop up ) I then focused on why I couldn't get out of the " 30 minute trial" flight loop . That's when I started to look in to whether I had SP 1 & 2 installed. Frankly I didn't realize those 2 service packs had anything directly to do with activating the sight for full normal use. As soon as I downloaded them the error message disappeared and my FSX is running better than ever . thanks for the response

    PS: I find this site to be very helpful but also find it rather confusing to Navigate through the various functions which is why I didn't find your reply sooner. I cant even find my last forum entry?? but apparently you did lol

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