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Thread: RFI relating to V. Zhyhulskiy's IL-76MD\IL-78M of 2012/2014

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    Default RFI relating to V. Zhyhulskiy's IL-76MD\IL-78M of 2012/2014

    I'm in need, I think, of a quick education about how the new/replacement panel for Mr. Zhyhulskiy's IL-76 of 2012 is set up. The file in question is Il76-78zh. I've been able to install the aircraft and the panel although about 20% of the gauges are still missing. What is of interest about this thing is there was a msg in the install section for the panel warning that the autopilot flight director could NOT be activated not even once (their words) while in VC mode or it would cease to work. They did not mention ground support equipment and ladders would also show up around the aircraft while it was in the air. Not a problem. Just don't activate the AP while in VC mode, right? Activate it instead in 2D mode and discover it works that way in 2D as well.

    The sounds are excellent in this download, and the textures are OK considering they are for FS2004 and I'm using it in FSX. But I wanted to warn anyone who is contemplating installing this download they are in for a bit of frustration if they pursue trying to understand what's going on here. The English is stilted, which I understand all things considered, but the outcome being the same in 2D and VC is not what's in the instructions as noted above. I would be a shame to lose this from the sim but on the other hand this is a hobby, not something that's supposed to drive you up a wall trying to understand.

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    Well, no responses yet so I'll try another tack. Zhyhulskiy's An-12 is a delight to fly since the instrument panel is relatively easy to figure out and a detailed study of the manual, with some careful interpretation, allows one to start the engines from cold and dark. The problem lies in the same developer's IL-76, which does not tell one how to activate the autopilot. After scanning all provided pop-up panels in his aircraft and ensuring power is supplied to the avionics in the aircraft it still does not activate but a single press of the "autopilot ON" switch WILL give you a wonderful display of ladders, fuel trucks, etc around the aircraft in mid-air at the slightest error. Plus there is NO way to back out of this situation and one must restart the flight from scratch. It seems that other developers who have utilized parts of his panels or gauges in other IL-76 products can not seem to deactivate this feature, except that not all will display the items around the aircraft, merely refuse to activate the autopilot. What makes this really puzzling is the autopilot in some of these productions very much resembles the trouble-free one in the An-12, but sure doesn't act that way. This being a foreign-language production greatly complicates this issue and the problem is no IL-76 product out there seems to be free of this "bug." Does anyone have a work-around or fix for this, or has anyone heard of one?

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