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Thread: New Info On FSX Activation Issue.

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    Well i did a virus check on my external hard drive and, no issues were found on any of the files.
    Now the question becomes..Does anyone know where i can get a new version of FSX and acceleration?
    Mirosoft doesn't have any on their website, they are only carrying flightsim 2020, many people are saying it sucks!
    The graphics are great but the sim it self well, it needs a bit of work not many third party planes to choose from neither.

    I'm backing up all my aircraft and addon scenery files just in case, i can no longer get into the sim.
    Man i miss flying i haven't flown the whole month of Ramadan and, so far this month as well.
    Getting a new computer and building my sim from scratch, i need to find those two sims though.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Best chance for FSX and Acceleration is to buy FSX Steam Edition.
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    No flight Sim installed until I get a new computer.

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    Just to comment on your FS2020 remarks. Your experience will depend greatly on the quality of your computer system. The product does demand a lot of power to run well. At 1080p, an I5 8600 with a GTX 1070 or GTX 1660ti and a fast SSD with over 500gb of free space will work fine. It won't work well on an older processor with a HDD and older video card. Most of the problems are created by folks trying to run it on an old system or a laptop or folks that want to add new addons without checking if they cause problems. You also have to have a good internet connection with pretty fast download speed. You are correct that there are not a lot of quality addons yet. I run the program pretty trouble free so far. It is very very different than FSX, and has a lot to unlearn and a lot to relearn to fly the aircraft. There isn't much documentation, but there are a lot of good videos on the net to explain how the autopilots work.
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    So, why would you still want to mess around with discs (or a questionable USB) when FSX-STEAM is so cheap, plus almost hassle-free? (I know 'cause I've had Steam more than 5 years).

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