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    Hi Guys
    I need help with choosing the best graphics card for MFS 2020. I am currently running MFSX with a nvidia 1050 but after upgrading to ,FS2020 i am getting a fair bit of stuttering. I have listed the main specs of my pc:
    Windows 10 64bit
    intel core (TM) i7-8700k [email protected](12CPUs)3.7GHZ
    32768MB RAM
    Directx 12
    nvidia geforce gtx 1050
    integrated RAMDAC
    DirectDraw Acceleratio .Direct 3D Acceleration AGP Texture Acceleration ENABLED

    These specs mean nothing to me so any help much appreciated.

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    Try an RTX 3060 or an RX 6700. You have plenty of CPU and ram. What is your storage device? If you are running a HDD, I would suggest going to an SSD or M.2.
    These choices should work fine at 10890p or 1440p. If you plan to go to 4K, then you need an RX 6800XT or RTX 3080.
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