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Thread: Weird structures on screen in fs2020

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    Default Weird structures oon screen

    Strangely enough, whilst I was talking to a friend on the phone yesterday and starting up fs2020, all was well again. I thanked him for his help, even though he doesn't even have or understand fs2020.

    I say "Strangely enough" because I had tried before to see if removing developer mode made a difference but without success. I have been running this very useful device for long enough without suffering any problems. Why is it suddenly the Big Bad Wolf?

    Thanks to everyone for the advice given. I really had begun to think I would never again be able to use fs2020.

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    I have seen a very similar post on the official forum, with someone suggesting an option within developer mode might have been enabled.
    Might be worth going back into developer mode to make sure nothing has a tick against it that shouldn’t have.

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