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Thread: Pushback/Tug Gauge Causing Keyboard Command Failure

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    Default Pushback/Tug Gauge Causing Keyboard Command Failure

    I'm using the amazing Pushback gauge by Etienne Martin (PushBack/Tow/Taxi atn.gau 1.3.9) and was very happy to finally have a utility which could provide a pushback and tow forward option to my aircraft.

    The gauge works perfectly fine, but after I'm done pushing/towing my Airbus aircraft (like the default A321) and I "turn off" the gauge to the off position, my keyboard commands assigned to my rudder and ailerons suddenly become "sticky", that is I have to continuously press the assigned button down to receive an input when I yaw left or right using the keyboard. This is only affecting my rudder and ailerons via my keyboard. Add to that, random keyboard assignments such as SHIFT+L for my landing lights or SHIFT+R to turn on my auto thrust won't work inflight and when I press the up/down/left/right keys on my keyboard to control the aircraft in flight, I can hear the gauge's turning clicks in the background which enables the gauge to the on position, but those key commands aren't assigned to the gauge at all, yet they're activating the gauge in the background.

    I had to edit the individual aircraft Panel CFG to incorporate the gauge, but the sections I added don't seem to somehow be interlinked to how the gauge is causing random keystroke functions to suddenly fail after using it on the ground and then in flight when the gauge's knobs suddenly turn on when I hit the left/right/up/down key to control the aircraft surfaces.

    I removed the gauge's entries from the A321 CFG and all normalcy resumed like before, so its clearly something happening with the gauge. I wouldn't want to remove such an amazing utility however.

    The keyboard sensitivity settings are just as they are and haven't changed, so I suspect the gauge is messing with the keyboard commands randomly for some reason. Could someone help me out how I could fix this?

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    If that gauge came from the Library here, they seem to be for FS2004. Is this where you downloaded from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy View Post
    If that gauge came from the Library here, they seem to be for FS2004. Is this where you downloaded from?
    I actually downloaded it from AVSIM, since I could only find the necessary downloads there from Version 1.1 of the same gauge.

    And yes, it is for FS2004 but if I'm not wrong anything in FS2004 can be run in FSX, but not vice versa – which stands true since the gauge is working perfectly fine with my standard FSX.

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    Okay guys, the only fix to the problem was downloading V1.2 (the second version of the application after the original first file by Etienne). Any versions after this created problems. (Rudder/banking/yaw/keyboard assignment failures.)

    It's quite old but I suspect the .dll file for the /system32 file provided by him somehow works with my Windows 7 but not the ones provided in versions after V1.2.

    I'm not too picky with the utility features either since I only needed the basic pushback/tow forward feature on FSX, so I'm happy with the old version.

    Hopefully this helps someone in the future and I'd still highly recommend his utility for FSX!

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