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Thread: MSFS program Left open or closed each time after flying???

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    Default MSFS program Left open or closed each time after flying???

    I started off shutting down FS2020 after flying but lately to save loading time I am just putting Windows to SLEEP mode and leaving the program open. Curious to learn what other do, of course with a new plane or scenery etc then it needs to restart. So far it works fine this way. John D, Nelson BC Canada

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    For some crazy reason (only known to me) I always shut MSFS down, no logical reason.
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    I suspect this is a very bad idea which could mess up the update process.
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    It didn’t even occur to me that you could leave MSFS open. Does it actually save time? I might give it a go, although as Plainsman has pointed out, it could mess the updates.

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    Default updates

    Quote Originally Posted by plainsman View Post
    I suspect this is a very bad idea which could mess up the update process.
    You may be right but I would not and do not leave it permanently open, and anyway the updates will still be there for you to update next time you do a reopening, so far I am having no problems leaving it open for a few days when doing similar flights or one of the "adventures" . I think a "very bad idea" is one that does not work, not just one not yet tried. So I can be your guinea pig. Just playing with the Britten Norman Islander right now and it is a beautiful download with so many details.
    Best regards John
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    When I look at the load on the system, FS 2020 consumes a fairly large load on the CPU and the GPU. Leaving it on could be asking for trouble if anything interferes with the the ventilation or something causes additional load.


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    Exactly. This is the reason it is not a good idea.

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    I sometimes leave MSFS open and put the PC in sleep mode, mostly when I want to return later to a flight in progress. This saves the loading time (usually about 6 minutes for me), but it also avoids the need to save and reload a flight. I find the saved flight function highly unreliable:

    It has often caused a CTD! (Although less so, of late.)
    Many settings are not preserved. (E.g., AP settings.)
    For some reason, you have no access to "Flight Conditions" in a saved flight. That means you can't adjust the time of day or the clouds, etc. I regard this is a serious and unnecessary flaw.

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