Ever since the 10 Deg. Heading bug fix my Increment/Decrement acceleration is actually working in reverse. At first I thought it simply wasn't working, which is a problem into itself, but it's actually worse than that. It works, but in inverse proportion to how it should. I'll explain.

Since the fix, when using either the Hdg. or Alt. along with the Incr/Decr knob, one click = either 1 deg. Hdg. or 100' Alt. as it should depending on your selector position. But if I spin the knob quickly there is supposed to be an acceleration effect that kicks in so that after some fast spins the Hdg., and or Alt. bugs should increase in proportion so no longer one to one but maybe 5 or 10 to one or whatever, but based on the quickness of rotation on the knob. When I rotate the knob quickly the bugs actually lose incremental or decremental impact and not only do they not increase/decrease but I actually lose the 1 to 1 ratio and it's more like a bunch of clicks on the knob to achieve just a few degrees or few hundred feet.

Anybody using the Bravo TQ experiencing this phenomenon or does yours work as it should? As it is it's taken a big part of the joy out of using the Bravo and I've had to go back to using the mouse in the virtual cockpit for both Heading and Alt. settings.

Any comments greatly appreciated.