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Thread: Slew movement resets instead of stopping

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    Default Slew movement resets instead of stopping

    Hi everyone, new member here with a question. I am having a problem with moving my aircraft on the ground with slew mode. I can move the aircraft with the keys on the number pad but when I try to stop the movement at a certain position by pressing the 5 key on the number pad, instead of the movement stopping at that position the aircraft resets to the position it originally started out in. I have tried re-assigning the stop movement action to a different key and have tried disabling the joystick but neither one helped. Does the simulation have to be in a certain view for this to work? I got it to work once and it seems the view of the aircraft was different in some way but maybe that is just my imagination. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Solution to problem

    I found a solution (at least for my installation) for this problem. If I go into slew mode and start any movement and then press the Q key (to slew up slowly), the key to freeze all movement then begins working. For me this only works if 2 movements are occurring at the same time and only if the second movement is the Q key. Once the freeze movement key starts working I can enter and exit slew mode and it will continue working until I end the flight.

    Hope this helps anyone else who might find themselves in a similar situation.


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    Default Solution to problem

    I found a solution (at least for my system) to get the freeze movement key to work. In slew mode I start moving my aircraft and then, while its moving, I press the Q key to get it moving in 2 directions. Then if I press the NumPad 5 key the movement freezes. Once I do this I can exit and re-enter slew mode and the freeze movement key continues working until I end the flight. The first movement can be any of those available in slew mode but the second one has to be the Q key.

    Hopefully this will help anyone else who happens to run into this problem.


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