I was practicing landings in the Beech Bonanza at our local airport (Watsonville) again today when I saw another simmer parked there, also "in" a Bonanza. He/she (unlikely) went by "4Monkey" or "Monkey4" something. (I didn't write it down and soon forgot it.) Anyway, I taxied to the ramp and parked next to this other Bonanza. Interestingly, this simmer's call letters were not visible on the plane's fuselage. The spot where they should've been displayed was blanked out. (By MSFS for privacy protection?) About this time, the other simmer taxied to RWY 20, so I decided to follow him. Taking off shortly after the other Bonanza, I followed it up the coast toward Santa Cruz--at low altitude, as the other guy dropped to as low as 250 ft. AGL. He eventually pulled up and so did I. I overtook him, circled around in front of him and headed home for another landing at KWVI.