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    787 TDS


    I installed the 787 TDS package in my FS X (Windows 10). It works, but I have 2 problems:

    The first one, I cannot organize the weight distribution in the plane, the nose tends to dive and I always have the same pattern.
    Th second problem is with Autoland, but curiously, only with the 787-10RR version. It's impossible to land and if you want to pilot manually for landing, impossible to control the jet. Autoland is OK for other versions of 787 TDS. Anybody can explain what's happened?
    Thank you for a response and sorry for my english, I'm not a native english speaking.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    By Autoland, are you referring to capturing the ILS and Glideslope to bring the aircraft down towards the runway threshold? Normally the pilot would shutoff the A/P and A/T during the last part of the approach and land the aircraft manually. The only default aircraft that you can land "hands off' is the Airbus A-321. As long as everything was set up for landing, flaps, gear down, and proper landing speed.

    I gave up a long time ago trying to tame the TDS 787.
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