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Thread: Article: KerrSpectives--The Islander

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    Please ask the developer to push all the circuit breakers IN
    as it is a pre-flight check, so am surprised if a BN pilot has reviewed this aircraft then he should have picked this up

    as it is unrealistic in the cockpit with all circuit breakers out during flight
    see picture below

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrdale210 View Post
    Ah--come on, check the videos and you might be able to change your mind, I have loaded it up and it is a nice machine, we need some more older style aircraft, we have lots of fancy glass cockpits. I only hope prices don't creep over the $30 mark too much I would rather see excellent feedback and good sales at lower prices. But then I do remember 10c coffee unlimited refills (OK. along long time ago!!)
    John Nelson, BC
    So I gather you did'nt buy the beta a330 widebody extreme which is the aircraft I'm refering too, which is still a beta 6 years from purchase!

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