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Thread: Article: KerrSpectives--The Islander

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyJohnJohn View Post
    Can't wait! We have to rely on add-on aircraft as most of Asobos (Thank goodness not all) Are terrible with bugs still

    The wait will be over soon. However, I don't think we will find perfection in any aircraft, Asobo or addon, until the base product stops evolving and becomes stable. Until then, it is an aircraft-by-aircraft experience with each having their own strengths and weaknesses. That's how I personally view it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomass View Post
    I have the FSX,P3D version which is very good in my opinion so this one will be a must purchase for me
    I'm sure the developer will enjoy reading that. Thanks for commenting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piet06273 View Post
    I'm low on fuel so I doubt that I will be able to actually buy the product. But the pictures indicate a highest quality aircraft. When seeing these new releases there's allways one question that comes to my mind. A 100% representation is what developers are striving for. 100% accuracy in cockpit/panel view is allways the goal. But our sim experience is more than that, the available out of the window view to me is maybe more important. Pict. 2: 20% of the outside view is blocked by sun-visors, compass and mic-cable. Even if th're there in the real plane, to me they take away much of the immersion in approach and landing, maybe cause I have 1080p only. Still I would love to have this 'Island' because I like small twin turbo's and their STOL capabilities.
    I use 1080p as well. I actually have found the view to be very good for most operations in flight. Hope you do too when your situation allows it. Thanks for commenting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by croudson View Post
    This is an agonized review and does not instill confidence. The Islander is an appealing plane. With the difficulties with the Microsoft SKD, I hope the developer is able to produce some convincing aerodynamics as well as a good-looking plane. I would certainly buy it particularly in the absence of a Twin Otter in MSFS. Michael.
    Interesting comment Michael. I certainly did not write it to create agony. Instead, I wanted to be honest with my enthusiasm, but not over-promising on claims of perfection. Even when my final testing was done, I went back to it yesterday and flew it for an hour just for my own enjoyment. That says a lot considering I already have a large collection of aircraft addons to choose from. I will also pick up the Twin Otter when it releases (if the price is not outrageous). British born, I enjoy the Islander. Canadian-located, I love the Twotter too. On the flight dynamics, the Islander pilot gave positive feedback, but I am sure there will be further refinement as time and software allow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnbduffy View Post
    I look forward to this release as I frequently fly the Islander in Xplane. Images look very good and hoping the price is not too expensive. Updates and bug fixes of course will be important. Best of luck on the launch
    I will pass on your comment to the developer. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky44 View Post
    Be very skeptical with these two guys, like so many others I jumped at this guy's previous models, Airbus, Islander and lately the MSFS Cessna and they All had one problem or other, support=0
    1. Which two guys are you suggesting people be skeptical of? There is one designer, so are you suggesting people be skeptical of me as the writer?

    2. I cannot speak for the pre-msfs products, but the msfs Cessna Bird Dog has had constant improvement since launch, with many upgrades over the past six months. Also, the developer has been on the msfs forum regularly to give feedback. That does not qualify as zero support in my experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thomass View Post
    Aerosoft is already working on Twin Otter so we will have two STOL Planes in future
    And, many of the airlines depicted in the Islander product have since moved on to the Twin Otter in real life. It will be fun to fly in both with certain routes, for example St. Maarten to St. Barths!

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    will it be nice to have the GTN 750 Mod on this aircraft

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    I don't have the L-19 but I read a lot about it and most of it was positive in general, so I have confidence in the developer to release a decent product. To me the Islander looks very promising and I'm still missing a commercial STOL aircraft. Definitely a first day purchase for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbismail View Post
    will it be nice to have the GTN 750 Mod on this aircraft
    I will have to ask the developer about this.

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