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Thread: Is Honeycomb Aeronautical Still in Business ????

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    Default Is Honeycomb Aeronautical Still in Business ????

    They received my yoke for warranty repair on 4.2.21 and it seems to have disappeared into a black hole as have all further requests. All emails, messages and tickets are ignored. Their phone goes to a generic voicemail. Anyone know anything ???

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    Just attended 2022 EAA Air Venture (Oshkosh) and there were three Honeycomb individuals in the Sporty's booth. I was inquiring about the new improved sensors control wheel. I mentioned their website just states some of their accessory products as just "unavailable" vs. "currently out-of-stock" with an expected availability date.

    The guy I was talking to said he was their web-tender and felt a bit insulted. Told the young lad I had 40-yrs BD & sales experience and he'd better consider any deficiency feedback from a customer as an oppty for improvement. They are typical engineers with great ideas but have a LOT to learn about running a business.

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