Hi everyone. Despite what the title says, it's not about "is P3D better than FSX?", but "why am I feeling this?". If you wish a long read, please continue. If not, feel free to skip to the bottom line ("The problem").

- I started using FSX seriously back in October/2019, when I purchased my current laptop.
- A year later I upgraded to P3D v4. I didn't go to v5, because my GPU was not strong enough.
- A month ago I purchased a 144 Hz 1920x1080 monitor. However, while my laptop supports up to 120 Hz , it can go down to 30 Hz
- I've moved almost all my aircraft to P3D, even if this meant purchasing again (Aerosoft Airbus, PMDG 777, QW757) or not buying the FSX version (QW787, MJC Q400). Other aircraft I have are for both sims. I still have to upgrade the 737, 747 (both iFly) and QW BAe 146.
- I also have the Level-D 767 and Maddog 2010 but those won't be replaced. Same for some good freeware like the Tinmouse or the HJG birds that were initially made for FS9. I stopped purchasing addons because I'm saving for a new rig. I hope to buy it next month.
- For sceneries, I try to keep both FSX and P3D4 identical: I mean, both have same global sceneries, same AFCADs (I only use default airports, and old FSX AFCADs are corrected for P3D) and same GSX settings. Also I have ActiveSky for both sims, and REX TD is compatible for both.
- For AI I use my own, based on AIG. However, this year I started using OCI for the P3D traffic, and thus, now it's different. I'll need to update the FSX AI just to equalize.
- The only major difference is that, while I run FSX at unlimited FPS and monitor at 120 Hz, I run P3D4 at 30 Hz, FPS unlocked, but Vsync and Triple Buffering on. Both are smooth, but FSX tends to have blurrier ground (specially when I overload the CPU with the 777). If I enable VSync in FSX.cfg and use the monitor at 30 Hz, it will be also smooth, but ground will be blurrier.

The problem: while I find P3D4 to be technically superior to FSX (no blurries, less autogen popping, VC does not move sideways, just what FSX should have been), I feel like wanting to use FSX more and more. Why am I feeling this?