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    I sure hope future versions of MSFS2020 will include decent graphics of the crashes. Yes we all try (of course) never to crash but I always found it so much fun to actually see the crash and burn in older flightsims and most of them did it really well. It is now just really boring to crash into the slide of mountain in a CFIT crash and get "you damaged your landing gear" etc etc. I hope the opportunity to turn on graphics for crashes if offered in the future. As a 3200 hour real-world pilot I used to feel terrible when crashing but now it is part of the fun !!! Just like I usually burst out laughing when I crash one of my model RC planes these days.

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    That is a great idea and point. I know in xplane11 you cam recreate famous crashes and yes they can be "fun" but also a great training tool and experience tool. Also it would be great if in msfs2020 they have some sort of flight problems you can work through. Like an engine stall, emergency landings. How about a way to radio into atc and call for an emergency. They clear the runways and ylu cam make emergency landings , crashes ect...

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    I agree entirely, but I doubt they will do it. If I remember correctly, older versions of MSFS had crash effects but it all stopped after Sept 11th

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    Quote Originally Posted by g7rta View Post
    I agree entirely, but I doubt they will do it. If I remember correctly, older versions of MSFS had crash effects but it all stopped after Sept 11th

    Steve, I believe you are 100% correct. After 9/11 MS removed that "feature"
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    Hmmmm....I don't recall any version since 95 (my first) having crashes. But I have the memory of a goldfish, so I'm probably wrong.

    Anyway, I'm happy to be the prude and say I don't support adding the feature. I live near the site where Swissair 111 went down. And although the accident predates my arrival by many years, it nevertheless breaks my heart to drive by the memorial.

    But I know I'm being a hypocrite, because I have enjoyed my fair share of first person shooters and many people die in gun violence and war... This particular matter is just close to my heart...
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    Default X-plane

    Yes I was talking about X-plane primarily, I cannot see what 9/11 has to do with removing crashes from flightsim versions and X-plane was richer with the actual crashes showing and yes it was part of the fun. If I have to do a gear up landing it would be nice to actually see it, not just a black screen. I am sure when it no longer politically incorrect to have crashes we may see them again.

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    You are one sick individual! This is a flight simulator, not a crash simulator.

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