I've been trying to get a yoke setup on msfs2020. The profile seems to default to a logarithmic profile that is intended for sim control yokes that don't go a full 180 like many actual ga yokes. There doesn't seem to be any way to shut this off for sim yokes that do turn a full 180.

This seems to happen no matter what you have set in the sensitivity settings. Right now its set to linear (1 to 1) and the effect is still present. I'm certain the change is not coming from the control software side because it works as expected (straight linear) in xplane. The only way to get around this seems like it might have to be to change the control software to some kind of anti-logarithmic curve in the sim control software to offset the effect.

The flight dynamics are kind of an after thought in msfs2020 anyway, but the vfr possibilities are so good that I'd like to get the dynamics passable so that it's not interfering with the rest. I know it's early days and might be fixed with the next update etc

Has anyone run into this a have a work around?