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Thread: Round the world in eighty years

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    Default Round the world in eighty years

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    I thought you might like a bit of a laugh. I started this round-the-world flight in November 2009.

    I got side-tracked.

    So far I've clocked up 216 landings in half a dozen different aircraft. I guess I'll be living the afterlife long before it's finished.

    I'd been stuck in South America for nine years where it's done little but rain like a cow pissing on a flat rock (thank-you Mr Gann). Finally made it to sunny Mexico yesterday. I didn't hold a coming out party because I'll be back before long, inching my way down the Amazon when I'd rather be yarding my way up to Florida.

    I wonder if I'll finish before PCs cease to be a thing.

    Or before I cease to be a thing...

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    I would worry less about PCs and more about lifespans.

    Enjoy the trip,
    Tom Gibson

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    Been around the world about five times already. That's just in the span of two years. LOL

    Touched all seven continents and probably know where damn near every country is. To further enhance the nerd aspect of the whole thing. I'll read about the airport at Wikipedia and check out the country in Google Street View. Did you know Google has Mongolia on there? Mongolia! There's also North Korea, but it's panoramic still images only. Actually looks like a nice country, but that's what they want you to see though...
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    Sounds like great "armchair geographer" activity. I also like to do that - Google Earth, Wikipedia etc. but do it much as not much time to be an armchair geographer (I happen to be a real geographer by the way). Something for my retirement in a coupla years time. Happy trails!
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