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Thread: Which flight sim mimics a fixed base flight simulator that is used to train pilots?

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    Default Which flight sim mimics a fixed base flight simulator that is used to train pilots?

    I have heard that real pilots are trained on complex machines called Fixed base flight simulators.

    You can set specific conditions in these simulators such as extreme weather, fuel shortage, engine failure etc.

    Is there a flight sim SOFTWARE that allows you to put such conditions?

    As far as I know, most Sims don't allow you to simulate a situation where the plane runs out of fuel, or one engine catches fire etc.

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    None of the PC based sims allow all of the specifics you can get in a multi-million dollar sim (but the cost is much less, too), but you can set FSX and P3D to automatically generate failures of most anything, from structure to instruments to radios to flight controls and more, even start engine fires, and to set time frame(s) and certain conditions for failure. Select the Aircraft menu when in the sim, and choose the Failures line.

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    Here's more info on what you can do with Prepar3d:
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    Real pilots are trained on everything from Basic Aviation Training Devices (such as the Redbird TD desktop device) all the way up to FAA Level D flight simulators (what the airlines use and more or less what the military often uses as well). Fixed base trainers fall in the middle, with airlines, the military, and larger flight schools using them for portions of pilot training.

    A Level D flight simulator has a visual system plus motion; a fixed base trainer, by definition, has no motion but may actually have a visual system depending upon what it is designed to do. Back in the day, all simulators were fixed base - motion, in the sense we know it today, came about in the early 1960's when the jet simulators were developed.

    XPlane is another PC based flight simulation that is capable of generating weather, equipment failures and the like, depending upon just which airplane is being used (the add-ons vary in terms of how much they depict in the way of abnormal operations). If you are up for it, you can give yourself fits by programming failures and weather into your session. Then you too can proclaim - "I started the day out with brown hair and white shorts!"

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    I had the same problem. Thanks for the valuable advice!

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